Australian Gold Sinfully Black ®
April 9, 2018
Australian Gold Deviously Black
April 9, 2018

Australian Gold Deviously Dark


Dare to be Deviously Dark™ with this ruthlessly intensifying lotion. 

10x Intensifier aid for a dark tan.

This Daringly Dark Intensifier boosts natural melanin development for fearless colour that will last all night.

Sinful Skin Softeners fulfil skin’s deepest, darkest desires while Enticing Hemp Seed Oil conditions for hydration domination.

Dare to be Deviously Dark ™ with this ruthlessly intensifying lotion. 10x Intensifier (Tyrosine aids in stimulating Melanin production) for a dark tan. 

Sinful Skin Softeners (Coconut Oil and Coconut Fruit) develop deeply into skin to moisturise and soften. 

Enticing Hemp Seed Oil nourishes skin to detoxify and even out tone. Vitamin E contains multiple antioxidants that protect against free radicals to keep skin looking young and flawless.

Fragrance: “Dark Desire”

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