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Welcome to Bodilight's brand new Tanning Spa situated in the heart of Milton Keynes.

We have equipped our spa with the latest in Tanning technology to bring our clients the safest and very best results. You can choose from one of our luxury laydown or top of the range stand up sun beds. Our spa offers a clean, comfortable and contemporary environment where both men and women are welcome.

Tanning You Can Trust

At Bodilight safety and responible tanning are our priority. The Tanning Spa is staffed at all times and registered with the local Authority and the Sunbed association.

All members of staff are fully trained in operating the tanning equipment and skin care and will be able to guide our clients with the recommended usage levels suitable to them.

We provide a comprehensive range of tan accelerating lotions, after tan moisturisers and skin care for those clients wishing to enhance their tanning results further. Our staff can guide you on this during your visit.


As a general guide it is best not to exceed 60 sessions per year. Our trained staff will help guide you on the recommended usage time. Don’t try to get a quick tan by exceeding the suggested times or by having more than one session every 48 hours or sunbathing on the same day.

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