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Using a sunbed is a quick, convenient and easy process but there are a couple of things to ensure before our Tanning Spa salon.

Never consume alcohol or illegal substances prior to using a sunbed and always stick to the recommended exposure time for your skin type – we’ll help you establish this when you join. We can provide wink-ease eye protectors free of charge and these should be worn at all times during the UV tanning. You should also make sure you drink plenty of water before using our product. Avoid applying any cosmetic products on your skin before tanning. Some cosmetics, deodorants and similar preparations for use on the skin can increase sensitivity to UV radiation. It is best not to use them immediately before a tanning session and to wash off any that are on the skin, before using the equipment


Tanning sessions should be built up gradually as parts of the body less exposed to the sun will require shorter session times e.g. under the arms, sides of the torso.

Once inside our locked rooms and changed you should use the sanitiser available to wipe down the bed and remove all jewellery. If using stand up equipment, stand in the centre of the chamber facing the doorway with your arms above you on the hand straps. No oils are permitted as they’re dangerous to you and the equipment. We supply a range of tanning lotions designed to improve your results.


You should wait a minimum of 24 hours before your next tanning session or before bathing in natural sunlight.

If you experience any redness you should wait until these have disappeared before commencing on your next session. We recommend that you moisturise your skin thoroughly to achieve optimum results and our range of tanning lotions can help to maximise the effect of our beds. If you suffer any abnormal reactions to your tanning time during or after the session you should stop immediately and seek medical advice.


Bodilight Tanning Spa is staffed at all times. The Spa is registered with the local Authority and we are members of the Sunbed association. All members of staff are fully trained in operating the tanning equipment and will be able to guide our clients with the recommended usage levels suitable to them. We provide a comprehensive range of tan accelerating lotions and after tan moisturisers for those clients wishing to enhance their tanning results further. Our staff can guide you on this during your visit.