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Friends Who Tan!
May 1, 2019

So it’s finally March and here is our first blog of 2020!!

We often get asked questions about the use of our sunbeds, the lotions and what to expect.

Here are the top 5 frequently asked questions and our answers to help you on your journey to amazing, glowing soft skin.

Q. What’s better, a lay down or a stand up sunbed?

A. Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference. Both will give you a gorgeous natural looking tan, but the experience may vary. Obviously, lay down sunbeds are a place for you to relax and to open your imagination to feel as though you’re on the beach soaking up the sun. It can be quite therapeutic, and for some, it’s the only time they get to chill and take a break from their busy lives. Stand up sunbeds aren’t as relaxing, but can still be therapeutic. Standing still for the duration of your session can seem a little boring, you could always partake in some squats, dance to the music or just meditate…whatever floats your boat! Lay down tanning beds do have pressure points, which can result in a slightly uneven tan on your back. While you are resting, pressure points are created and this prevents the UV rays from being fully absorbed by the skin. Our customers often report that they get a more even tan from the use of a stand up sunbed. Swapping between stand up and lay down can be a great way of experiencing both and can even out any white bits.

Q. How many sunbeds does it take to achieve a good tan?

A. This varies from person to person depending on your skin type. Usually, you will notice a difference after a few sessions but it can take a few weeks before you get the colour you are looking for. If you are going on holiday and need a good base tan before you go, you will need to start your sessions about 3-4 weeks before you’re due to go away. Using a good indoor tanning lotion will speed up the tanning process and you may notice a nice tan a lot sooner. Moisturising is key to keeping your tan longer.

Q. Do I need to wear the goggles?

A. ABSOLUTELY!!! Ever noticed how thin the layer of skin is on your eyelids? This is not going to protect your retina from getting damaged, so closing your eyes just doesn’t cut it! Eyelids also contain no melanin, which protects your skin from getting burned. Worried you’ll get tan lines? Make sure the goggles fit properly on the eyes. Alternatively, use Wink Ease, they have no strings and just stick softly on the eyeball and cost 20p…no excuses.

Q. How many times a week can I come?

A. Here comes our favourite word…MODERATION!! However, if you have skin type 1, are under 18, on certain medications or any family history or have had skin cancer yourself, then sunbeds are not for you. Moderate tanning of 2-3 times per week is ok, as long as you leave a 24 hour gap.

Q. Do I need a lotion?

A. In short, yes, you do. Especially if you want to achieve a golden, natural healthy looking tan with beautifully moisturised skin. Our shelves are well stocked with lotions, it’s like a candy shop. If you choose to not use a lotion, it could take longer for you to achieve your desired look. It can cause the skin to dry out, dry skin reflects UV light, making the tanning process less effective.

So while it’s not compulsory to use a lotion, it is well worth it if you do. Using a lotion intensifies tanning meaning you can spend less time on the sunbed.

There are no silly questions so feel free to ask it. Our spa coordinators are always happy to answer.

We like to keep our knowledge on the tanning world up to date and continue to learn. Our skin is the largest organ on our bodies so we understand the importance of taking care of it.

We are entering our 4th year and a change is afoot…watch this space!!

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