Australian Gold Bronze Accelerator
April 9, 2018
Australian Gold Legally Dark
April 9, 2018

Australian Gold Heated


Give yourself a T4 Tingle for immediate Dark Colour  with a tantalizing Glow.

It’s time to turn the heat up for intense hot colour and get Heated. 

Unleash dark colour with this natural dark bronzing blend that provides a rush of immediate dark colour. 

Stimulate and invigorate your tan with Sultry T4 Tingle that will leave you breathless. A lavish Soothing Complex (Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Vitamins) soothes the tingling sensation leaving a flawless, flushed bronzed hue.

The luxurious blend of high quality Oils soften and moisturise for a tantalising glow. Things are sure to be Heated™ with your intoxicatingly, hot colour. 

Fragrance: Alluring Apple.

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