Pro Tan Instantly Black
April 8, 2018
Pro Tan Love Drunk
April 8, 2018

Pro Tan Irresistibly Tan


Sunbed Tanning Lotion Cream

Non Tingle with No added bronzers

Pure Tan Maximizer

20xx Ultra Dark Tanning Lotion

Suitable for Level 2 tanners – Intermediate to Advanced

• Unipertan helps build your base tan by helping skin prepare for maximum colour potential.

• Essential oils including Monoi De Tahiti and coconut helps to naturally boost and maintain moisture levels in all skin types.

• A blend of Aloe and Vitamins A, C and E helps leave skin looking vibrant.

• Gardenia Flower Extract

• Cosmetic Bronzer Free

• Paraben Free

Fragrance: Pistachio Cream with Magnolia

Sunbed use only
Not suitable for outdoor tanning
Skin test recommended before use