Pro Tan Perfectly Tan
April 8, 2018
Pro Tan Radically Hemp
April 8, 2018

Pro Tan Prodigy for Men


Non bronzing dark tanning maximizer

No Bronzers – No Tingle
Suitable for Intermediate to advanced tanners

This highly gifted dark tan maximizer contains ultra dark tanning blend of powerful maximizers, XC2 skin defying complex and continuous moisturizers.

• Specially coded creamy oil hybrid version created to disperse evenly through hair directly onto skin for effortless application.
• Tyrosine helps stimulate melanin production that helps to put all skin types in a ‘fast tan’ mode.
• CX2- Powerful skin tighteners help skin appear more firm and younger looking.

• Melanin Booster
• Pure Coconut Oil
• Aloe Vera
• Vitamins A, C and E
• Paraben Free

Fragrance: Ferragamo Black Type

-Sunbed Use Only
-Not suitable for outdoor use
-Skin test advised before

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