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Tanning booths and Tanning beds, what to expect….

Tanning beds and skin cancer.
June 5, 2017
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October 21, 2017

I am not looking for a TOWIE, I just want a gentle bronze to show off my gym efforts better. And it would be nice if Sunglasses weren’t required to look at my legs.

I am a man who had never set foot in a Tanning/beauty salon until recently. I feel like the times are changing, and I have less to worry about in terms of stigma, and being the only man who does this type of thing.

If you are pale like me, you can spend hours in the gym and never really get the muscle definition you are looking for. This is because pasty skin doesn’t show off muscle definition as well as the tanned look. Hence why you see body builders tanned up to the eyeballs in the darkest spary tan they can get hold of.

So what are the options?

Spray tanning in a booth:

This is the safest way to achieve a consistent colour all year round. You stand up in what resembles a shower stall and are sprayed over your entire body with a spray gun! The spray often contains a chemical called dilhydroxyacetone (DHA) which interacts with your skin cells to darken them. So whilst it may look like you are being spray-painted, you aren’t! It allows the skin to breath, and works with it to achieve the toned, bronzing effect.

Avoid contact with your eyes, mouth, and any unbroken skin- and do not inhale! If all this advice is followed, it is extremely safe. At bodilight we use award winning and leading product Fake Bake, along with qualified and experienced technicians.  See www.Fake for more details on the product or visit for our prices, and latest offers.

Treatments usually take no more than 15 minutes so are perfect for a cheeky spruce up before that big night out or special day.

You will need to avoid showering for a 1-8 of hours whilst the product works its magic and then you can shower as normal.

Sun Beds:

These can be standing or lying down, and this allows you to stretch out for a warm rest whilst you catch some UV rays. If done in the correct manner and setting it can be a quick chill and revitalising power nap. Some have found an extremely positive effect in alleviating psoriasis symptoms. For more info on the sun vs sunbeds see our blog on this.

We encourage informed and responsible tanning at Bodilight, we do have restrictions to ensure the service is used correctly, and we encourage all our clients to consult with us, and do their own research what is a good option for them.

This is just a very brief practical guide on what to expect in each room. The decision you make before you enter, which booth you choose should be an informed one. You should follow all of the medical advice out there, and IMPORTANTLY also a lot of common sense!

If you are at all worried, have a history of cancer in the family, have light or fair skin that is easily damaged-go for the spray tan option!

If you are open to sunbeds and your skin reacts ok to UV, work with us to come up with a sensible schedule that is right for you!