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How to make your tan last longer!
May 12, 2018
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June 8, 2018

What to expect and a few tips to get better results

There are many reasons that people elect to use an indoor tanning option. Whether you want to increase your vitamin D levels, shake off seasonal affected disorder, or achieve that coveted bronzed bod for a beach break or special day-this article will help you prepare, and achieve the most positive results from your tanning experience.

Remember that your preparation and aftercare routines are just as important as the treatment day itself here.


  • Do some landscaping

Before the appointment, try and pay extra attention to the areas in question. Exfoliate days before you attend, quite simply anything blocking and obstructing the light source will potentially produce a less even result. Some people decide to trim or remove body hair completely where practical.

  • The prepared area should be watered thoroughly

Hydrating your skin should be a top priority. This can be done by using moisturiser and lotions well in advance of your appointment.  This is the most desirable preparation, but if you are reading this last minute don’t panic! Apply plentifully pre-treatment, be extra vigilant with your aftercare, and be ready next time. Although some benefits can be achieved at the time, healthy, hydrated skin built up over the long term will provide the best foundation for your tan.

Similar attention should be given to maintaining a healthy diet and fluid intake; you can bathe your skin from the inside! Moisturiser applied directly to the skin is only truly effective if the body is hydrated properly.

  Treatment day

Choose a reputable professional salon, with solid reviews and testimonials. Look carefully at, and observe the safety procedures, always ask for assistance if there is anything you are unsure about.

  • Always wear the correct goggles!

This is the most important rule. Only bespoke, specifically designed goggles will protect your eyes from UV rays— not your regular sunglasses, and definitely not just closing your eyes. All reputable tanning salons will provide you with goggles, if they do not, you are in the wrong place!

  • Protect the pink bits!

Pay attention to sensitive areas such as the lips, moles and anywhere less used to exposure. Apply balm or UV blockers if there is any concern.

  • Take your and time build slowly

You can always top up a tan, but you can’t take it away. Overenthusiastic first timers actually achieve the opposite of their desired result. If you overdo it and burn, you must wait for the area to heal completely, and can’t build upon your base tan. Be patient, see how you react, and you will soon find a routine that is right for you.

As with the goggles, a responsible salon will advise you of their regulations for first time tanners. It is usually 5-8 minutes, but I don’t like to give blanket advice on this-skin tones, types and machines can vary so please consult with the salon professional regarding your own programme.


Tanning lotions and creams are available at most salons, they are most effective when purchased and applied both in advance of the treatment, and also after to continue to develop a healthy colour. Try and resist showering for a few hours straight after the session, this will allow the tan to further deepen.

Always consult with a doctor if you experience any pain, discomfort or irritation after the session.

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