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How to make your tan last longer!

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May 1, 2018
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May 14, 2018

Preparation, maintenance, and a little knowledge can maximise your tan’s longevity

Follow these 6 easy steps to get long lasting, optimized tanning result


Removing dead skin cells by thoroughly exfoliating should be the first step regardless of the type of tanning you have chosen. This is equally important for spray tan, sunbeds, or natural tanning. Once a week should be enough, be sure not to over scrub and damage the skin, any damaged area will not tan evenly, and could reveal white spots where the skin regrows.

2. Moisturise

This is advisable for better looking skin full stop, but is especially beneficial if you are planning to build a long lasting tan. If you can, do this gradually. It is especially important to apply some lotion (advert link?) a couple of hours before exposure, and then consistently afterwards. Some like to use a moisturiser with bronzer to maintain the look for even longer.

3. Hydrate

Water is your friend here, drink regularly! If cells in the body stay well hydrated they last longer. If you can prolong the life of those tanned skin cells, then your bronzed look will naturally last much longer. You can hydrate from the outside too, be sure to use cool water in the shower as hot water and steam can dehydrate you, and undo all your good prep work.

4. Nourish

To protect us from the sun our body produces a dark protective skin pigment called Melanin. It is this darkened skin appearance caused by Melanin production that we refer to as tanning. So the goal of the strategic tanner should be to try and increase the production of Melanin in the body. Many creams and lotions will claim to be able to do this, but their effectiveness is highly questionable. The best way to do this is through diet and supplements. Beta carotene is a good place to start-as the name suggests it can be found in carrots, but is also found in many other fruit and veg. Typically those red and orange in colour such as tomato and red pepper can provide the antioxidants and other beneficial elements to skin protection such as lycopene.

Mocha shot fans rejoice-a quick dose of caffeine and dark chocolate can produce flavonoids and help protect the skin.

5. Gradually build

You have put in effort to ensure your preparation is good, don’t through it all away by rushing things now! The body can only produce a limited amount of melanin, so prolonged exposure is not advisable or effective. Burning causes unsightly blotches and scarring, and time out of the sun or salon. Always follow medical and professional salon advice, and be aware of your skin type. Your best route to a great deep tan is allowing the tanned cells to survive as long as possible, so look after them!

6. Repeat

Following the above steps should help you to be best equipped to tan well and conscientiously-if you keep them up. All of these steps will be good for your body regardless of if you are tanning-looking after your skin, keeping hydrated and well nourished is good advice whatever the undertaking.


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